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Forsyth Park Savannah, GA

I have had a super busy summer so far and I want to finish posting about my Anniversary Trip to Savannah for ya’ll to see!  Forsyth Park is an amazing historic park in Savannah.  The Spanish Moss hanging in the tree’s and lush green plants everywhere.

Forsyth Park Savannah Ga 002

According to Savannah City Hall: “Forsyth Place was the first large park created in Savannah. Stylistically, the park was influenced by the urban renewal of Paris in the nineteenth century, when broad boulevards and parks were created. This greatly influenced city planning throughout the industrial world–every large city in the United States was developing large city parks beginning in the 1850’s. Culturally speaking, it is not insignificant that the Forsyth Park fountain was thought to be a copy of the one in the Place de la Concorde, by Hittorff, who completed two monumental fountains in that square only a few short years before Forsyth Place was created. Bull Street was thought of as a boulevard and promenade (both French terms) and the fountain served as a focal point of a long vista, all the way from the Exchange, which was City Hall. In an economic context, the park and the fountain would not have been possible if Savannah were not experiencing economic prosperity. The 1850’s were the first consistently prosperous period throughout the South, which admired and emulated the high style of the Frech Empire.”

Forsyth Park Savannah GA 001

We were there on a Saturday while the Farmer’s Market was going on and there was an assortment of all sorts of plants, flowers, fruits and veggies to buy.

Forsyth Park Savannah GA 003

Surrounding the park, which is a very large city block, are old historic homes.  The one in the center is for sale and I am sure is a pretty penny to purchase.  I love the porches and details to these old historic homes and would love to see inside a few of them.

My last post of our trip will be Hilton Head, SC and Tybee Island, GA beaches which we did all on one day so stay tuned…


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