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Hilton Head, SC & Tybee Island, GA

This is my last post on my Anniversary Trip at the beginning of June.  I couldn’t forget to post about the wonderful beaches around the Savannah, GA area. This is a summary of what we did on one day of our trip…

Hilton Head SC

We headed over to Hilton Head Island in the morning and it was a 30 minute drive from Savannah.  We stopped at the Outlet Mall and did some shopping in one of my favorite stores and my husband was very gracious in buying me lots of new clothes.  The beaches were covered with dead grass sticks because of the tropical storm that had come through the week before.  We asked the locals when we were shopping of where we should go to the beach and they directed us over to a sports park where we could park our car for free and then walk this beautiful path down to the beach.  We enjoyed the scenery and just hanging on the beach by ourselves. 

We did have some visitor’s that freaked me out a bit when they crawled all over our stuff… yes little tiny crabs! Yes, I was the one jumping and screaming on the beach when they scared the pants off of me by creeping up in a gang like style!!!


After laying out in the sun we went back to our hotel at the Marshall House to change and get freshened up for dinner.  We headed 30 minutes or so out to Tybee Island, GA to The Crab Shack. 

The Crab Shack Tybee Island GA

If you choose to sit outside you feel like you are in a tree house in a way…there is a big giant tree that the restaurant is built around.  It is a very casual place where the sign in front says “Where the Elite eat in their bare feet!”  We ordered the platter for 2 and this is what we got! I thought my eyes were going to bug out and even asked the waitress if she had made a mistake! We had 2 types of crab, shrimp, crawfish, corn, muscles, sausage and potato’s…my husband didn’t let anything go to waste!

As we ate we looked out into the cove and we saw several Dolphins swimming.


At The Crab Shack you are greeted by an enclosure of alligators that you can feed…only these gators must have been full because they weren’t biting!


And then there is always at least one tourist on a trip that stands out…white tank tucked into his athletic shorts…ya got love some people! LOL


We headed further out down the Island to the beach as the sun was setting.  I love how Tybee beaches have wooden swings along the beach to sit in and enjoy.

Tybee Island GA

The light house is a land mark for Tybee and I wish we had gotten there a little earlier to go inside it.  The east coast just has some beautiful beaches with the grass that grows out of the sand.  Again Tybee had seen the effects of the tropical storm with all the debris washed up.  Overall, I think my favorite beach in that area is the Tybee Beach.

We finished up our night with a big waffle ice cream cone from the Sugar Shack, which you pass getting to the light house…it was super yummy!

I love the Savannah area and I think it makes a wonderful place to go because of all the things you can do and the history it has.  We had such a fun time together by ourselves celebrating a special anniversary.  We have never really celebrated our anniversary in that way and it was fun to make our 15th full of special memories.


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  1. I love Savannah and Tybee Island. Haven't been to Hilton Head yet. Tybee Island I won't forget since I busted up my knee real bad during my visit. Our condo was by the seawall and when I jumped down on to the sand I managed to hit a rock under sand, twisted my ankle and came down hard on the knee. After initial shock and pain I continued to enjoy my mini vacation/book club trip after a couple of drinks. ;o)


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