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Busy 3 weeks…

I just realized I haven’t posted in 3 weeks…just a slightly busy month.
Map 001
Our family drove across the country from where we live in Georgia to Utah and then back. 

We had a week of fun in Utah with 2 girls attending BYU Basketball Camp, we hiked up to the Y in Provo, rafting down the Provo river, visiting family we haven’t seen in a long time and going to Temple Square. We stopped in Nauvoo, IL on our way home and visited some of the sights.  We were gone for 2 weeks.  I hope to post about some of our wonderful memories on our journey.  We read about the Handcart Companies that crossed the plains that took a similar journey as us only we had a nice comfortable car with air conditioning and they had handcarts.

When we returned home we had to get ready for a re-enactment Pioneer Trek that our church was putting on for 250 youth ages 14-18 out in our local forest.  They had an adult couples act as a Ma’s and Pa’s and then divided the youth into a family. I had been helping to plan it for the last 9 months and our whole family played a role in the Trek.
Lost Children 003
These are a few of the cute children who came out one afternoon to help us out as ‘lost children’ and were troopers!
We have had no real home projects going on to post about and I was reminded yesterday that school starts in 3 weeks! Agh!  My house needs a good cleaning, laundry is piled up and I have a spare bedroom that I need to transform into a cute bedroom for our foreign exchange student arriving in less than 3 weeks! Wish me luck please and hopefully I will have a few things I can post along the way of our count down to back to school.

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