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Pioneer Day–AJC Newspaper Article about Trek 2012

Today is Pioneer Day where people of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints remember the Mormon Pioneers who crossed the plains to settle in Utah. 

Trek 031

I am so excited that our local Atlanta Journal Constitution Newspaper decided to print an article today about the Pioneer Trek we did last week.  Read it here.

Trek 30

A couple of my pictures were used as well and my daughter was quoted.  She was referring to the Women’s pull they had where these young ladies pulled the cart up this incredibly steep hill without the help of any of the boys or men.

Trek Media 001

They hiked 20 miles total over 3 days in the heat, humidity, thunderstorms, hail and even crossed the river twice.

Trek Media 002Trek Media 006

They had challenges and activities along the way to remind them of the Mormon Pioneer ancestors crossing the plains.

Trek Media 003

They had no running water or electricity at camp.

Trek Media 004

I have a great respect for these 250 youth who put aside their electronics and worldly things to participate in this incredible spiritual experience.

To find out more about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints or otherwise known as Mormon’s please visit


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