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Dressing Your Truth Share The Love Sale

Ya’ll know I love Dressing My Truth!  I am a Type 2 Energy type and knowing this has helped me in all aspects of my life.  You can read more about my DYT journey here.
I am so excited that Dressing Your Truth is on SALE through September 30th through my referral link.  It is the best deal I have ever seen on the program!
Dressing Your Truth is an online makeover and clothing store that helps women bring out their true beauty. I think you’ll love this beautiful deal-67% off the online makeover course and a $20 gift certificate to the online clothing store. It’s only available until September 30th. Plus there is an additional Anniversary Sale going on until August 21st and you can redeem your $20 online gift card for some amazing sale items in the online store.
Ready to look better and feel more confident than ever?
Click the link to learn more.
Here is my before and after.

Here is a look into my Type 2 closet.
Closet Organizing 002
Click here for my post of the Type 2 Outfits I was deciding on packing last Summer for our Dressing Your Truth Conference.  I will be doing the same thing in a few weeks only this time I am going 15lbs lighter and most of those clothes from last year are too big!  It is a nice problem to have but, some of those were my favorite type 2 outfits.
This is me a few months ago with my Outfit Of The Day on our Type 2 Facebook page.
2012-06-01_19-07-24_203 (2)
Click here for my Oldest Daughter last year at age 13 with her before and after Dressing Your Truth makeover.  She is a Type 3 energy.
I love the way I look and feel because of Dressing Your Truth. And I think every woman deserves to feel this way. That’s why I’m sharing this link with you.
I just love all that Dressing Your Truth has to offer Women of all ages.  Go check it out and if you join the program please come back and tell me what Energy Type you are! 
P.S. Dressing Your Truth for Men will be released in 2013! I can’t wait for the Men and Boys in my life to be Dressing Their Truth as well.

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