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Be You Be Beautiful–Dressing Your Truth 2012

I had an amazing time at the Dressing Your Truth conference in Salt Lake City this past weekend.  I have met beautiful friends from across the United States this past year and it was a special reunion getting to see them and connect.
Here are some of the highlights:
I received a pre-release copy of Carol Tuttle’s new book The Child Whisperer and had it signed by her.

This book launches October 23rd and I have already read it! It is a must read for everyone! I am also part of her book launch team and it has been very exciting to be a part of.

I have had some big aha’s about myself as well as ways I can be a better parent, aunt, teacher, ect to the children I come in contact with.  A must read for everyone whether you have children or not, your children are baby’s or in their 50’s or if you just want to learn more about your own unique nature. This book will literally heal family relationships and misunderstandings. If you can understand your own true nature along with the nature’s of those whom you are around it will bring a level of understanding that will bring you peace and comfort. What an exciting adventure it is to be part of sharing the message of this amazing book!
The first night of the conference I was invited on stage to share about living my truth as a type 2 with a secondary type 3 nature. Within each of the 4 types you find some differences and usually that has to do with our secondary nature that makes us each uniquely beautiful.
Talk about nerve racking for me and so surreal standing on stage with the famous Carol Tuttle.  She really does make us type 2’s feel comfortable like you are having a normal conversation…yet 300 people were listening and watching! Of course I enjoyed going back to my seat and letting all the anxiety leave my body!
The Parade of Beauty is always fun to see the 4 different types get on stage and share how uniquely beautiful we all are.  I was proud of us type 2’s for stepping out of our comfort level and strutting our stuff in our own flowing way…
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Then of course some of my beautiful type 2 friends that I just love.  I miss them so much already and realizing 2 years until the next conference is way too long to go without seeing them.
There was so much I learned and took away with me.  I just loved being able to connect with women in a way that was so peaceful and loving without any judgment or contention in the room.  Whether type 1, 2, 3 or 4 it is amazing how 300 women can all be together in such peace and harmony with no competition or judging going on.  I love knowing my true nature and so excited to keep progressing living my truth.
*Now until Oct 9th 2012 you can purchase the Dressing Your Truth course for $99 plus receive a $20 gift card to the online store through my referral link.  That is a 67% savings!
Don’t forget to visit The Child Whisperer website and receive updates on the book launch October 23rd, 2012! You can also sign up to win a free copy of the book and I hear they are giving away over $300 in freebies to everyone who purchases the book that week so you won’t want to miss it!

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  1. WHAT FUN!!! I am so going next year…I am so excited for the world to receive The Child Whisperer….it is healing my family, too, and I am so grateful.

  2. Thank you for sharing your experience at the Dressing Your Truth Be You, Be Beautiful Grand Event! The photos are great! How exciting that you received a signed copy of Carol's new book The Child Whisperer! It is a great parenting book full of techniques on how to communicate with your children in a manner that they respond to. I know I have always wanted my children to feel that I am hearing them and it is so comforting to feel that they are hearing me as well.

  3. Thanks for stopping by! The Child Whisperer is an AMAZING book that is helping my family too! ~Stacey

  4. Yes Kristine, it is so wonderful to learn this information on communicating with my kids that works for each of them individually. To often we have a one size fits all approach and this is such a great new way of looking at parenting. Thanks for stopping by! ~Stacey


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