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Memories of the Ceramic Lighted Christmas Tree

Ceramic Christmas Tree copy

How many of you have memories of your Grandmother’s ceramic light up Christmas Tree? I sure do. 

I am sure at one point I use to think the tree was tacky and would never imagine wanting one for my own. I saw this cute tree last week and I knew I had to have it as brought back so many fun memories of my Grandparents around Christmas time.  I remember the ceramic tree coming to Christmas dinner and my Poppa carrying it in to the house in a box with special care. 

When my tree was being packed up in a box with special care to come home and I realized all those little light bulbs come out, it brought back a memory of how my Grandparents had glued those lights in place on their tree.  I remember this tree being very special to my Grammy and I wish I remembered or knew more about her special tree.  Now that she has been gone for 10 years I am glad I came across my own special nostalgic tree. 

Everyone that see’s it says “my Grandma had one like that!” I had an older lady tell me “every old lady has one of those!” I laughed and then of course realized I guess I am now one of “those” old ladies!

I hope your family is building special memories around the holidays like ours is. We celebrate Christmas as the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ.  I have been trying to instill in my kids to look at ways to spread Christmas Kindness.  We have a jar that they have been writing down ways they’ve helped spread kindness and we will read them on Christmas Eve.  On Christmas day, if everyone is feeling better from their colds, we have plans to go help the homeless and hand out needed supplies like gloves, hats, coats and toothbrushes with other families.  My hope is to continue the tradition so that the kids grow up remembering the real reason for the season and not just a time of getting gifts.

Merry Christmas from Real Southern Living!


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  1. Seeing this picture made me remember my grandmothers tree. I wonder where it is now but she put it out every year. Thanks for a fun reminder

  2. My mom had one just like this! I can't remember if my grandmother had one; maybe it skipped a generation in my family. :)I think it's wonderful that you got one; I can just imagine that it brings a smile to the face of everyone who sees it.May we all remember the true Light that came into the world. I thank you for pointing your readers to Jesus! 🙂


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