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Tutorial: Pretty Paper Snowflakes

making your own paper snowflakes 01
Remember making snowflakes as a kid in school? Mine never came out so pretty and so I was never very fond of the activity.  Recently I decided to give it a try and it was a huge success.
making your own paper snowflakes 04
In fact all 6 kids in this house got involved and had a blast making them. They had so much fun the first night they asked to do it again the next night. 

The hardest part is folding them so see below and I will do my best to explain each picture.

making your own paper snowflakes 02
1. Fold one corner of your paper over to make a square. (We had extra legal size paper which made for a little more extra to cut off but, I saved it and made smaller snowflakes with the excess.)
2. Cut off the excess paper.
3. You should have a triangle.
4. Fold your triangle in.
5. You should have a smaller triangle.
6. Tricky part…holding the tip of your triangle on the fold your going to fold over 1 side of your triangle and without creasing it yet.
7. I fold the other side over aligning each edge to create 3rds. 
8. It should look like an arrow.
9. Cut off the tails of the arrow.
10. You should have a cone shape.
11. Cut designs into your cone leaving some of the edges intact to hold your snow flake together. (See some design suggestions below). The trick is to cut out a lot of the paper. You can cut off the tip if you want a hole in the center of your snowflake.
12. Unfold it carefully and your done!
Paper Snowflakes 001
Feel free to print out the picture above for design ideas. I traced a few before we opened our snowflakes so you can get an idea of the way we cut them to get more intricate designs. Below you can see another design after we cut it and then opened it up.
snowflake 003snowflakes 002 copy
Every single one is different. We all played with different cuts that we liked and each one was slightly different…there was even one that I accidently cut more than anticipated and it came out better than expected.  The fun part was opening it to see what great masterpiece we had created.
making your own paper snowflakes 03
I strung them up with fish line and Christmas ornament hooks while the kids were in school yesterday.  I taped a few to the back door. The teenagers especially loved coming home to them hanging up and were declaring which designs were theirs.  It was a family project that was a hit that allowed everyone some creativity.  The younger kids needed help folding and their designs may or may have NOT made it up for display yet! I plan to hang them on the Christmas Tree and Garland as well but, I am a little behind getting the Christmas Décor up.  This was a start and the best part was that the kids loved participating.
Snowflake Mess
Beware of the mess it creates when 6 kids and a Mom make snowflakes!
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I am a type 2 beauty and more on my Dressing Your Truth journey is here.  My daughter is a type 3 and you can find more about her here. I know all of my children’s and husband energy types and it has been great to build better relationships as a family plus we understand each other better.

The following information is taken from the Dressing Your Truth home page. For more information and video clips please click here.

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Ruffles & Onesies

ruffle onesies 001 copy
This is my first attempt at doing any embellishing on clothes.  My husband has a wonderful office assistant that is having a little girl and I wanted to do something fun with the onesies for her baby shower.  I got the courage to try this from this cute blog.  She encourages NOT perfect ruffles and sewing so I decided to try it because I can’t sew straight to save my life!
ruffle onesies 002 copyruffle onesies 003 copy
What do think?  My first time doing any thing like this let alone ruffles and I think they came out cute. I just hope they look cute on and that the ruffles are in the right places.  After taking these pictures I added a little flower applique to the pink out fit and it was super easy to do.  I think I will be appliqueing more because the method I used was so easy!
This really only cost me the price of the onesies which were on sale and I used fabric scraps I already had on hand.  So maybe an hour of time and under $10 for both outfits I think it makes a really cute custom gift.
Now onto figure out what to do for my baby nephews on the way? I already know what but, I can’t post until after I give the gifts…what I have in mind will be really cute!

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Guest Post @ Broken Treasures!

I am so excited! I have my very 1st Guest Post I am doing today over at Broken Treasures so, please go over and check out the 5 Photography Tips I’ve posted!
 SJ Photography Blog Header

Thanks so much Elizabeth for featuring me on Feature A Friend {On Friday} and I look forward to meeting lots of new blogger friends!
Check back next week as I currently am on a getaway with my Husband to Savannah, GA! Can’t wait to show ya’ll this fabulous city! 

S’More Peeps

Warning if you are sensitive to seeing Peeps roasted by a fire please skip this post! LOL Didn’t intend for this to be gruesome! My kids loved this activity and it was a very yummy s’more treat!
Mr. and Mrs. Peep’s on their roasting sticks.

You can find roasting sticks in the camping section of Wal-Mart for a couple of bucks and it makes it easy for the kids to roast marshmallows or hot dogs or in this case Peep’s over your own fire pit. Our fire pit was the best family investment and we’ve had lots of family home evenings around it. I highly suggest one to any family…I think ours was around $50!

Roast your peep just like a marshmallow and then smash it between 2 graham crackers…I like mine with chocolate but, this one was for a little girl who didn’t want chocolate…not sure how a couple of my daughter’s don’t like chocolate and wonder if I brought the right babies home from the hospital! LOL
Fun Easter and Spring time treat but, I think next time I will buy blue, purple and pink peep’s so I don’t feel like I’m roasting a baby chick! LOL
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Restore America- Meeting Mitt and Ann Romney

My Husband and I are huge Romney supporters!
We lived in Salt Lake City during the Olympics and saw first hand how he turned around a very bad situation and made the SLC 2002 Olympics the most profitable Olympics in U.S. history.  After the closing ceremonies my husband made the comment that it would be awesome if Mitt would run for President some day.  Of course Mitt went on to become the Governor of Massachusetts and helped turn that state around as well.  He has 25+ years in business creating profitable companies that are very successful. So in 2007 when we heard Mitt was putting together an exploratory committee to run for President in 2008 we were super excited!
Mitt for Pres 
July of 2007 Mitt Romney came to Atlanta and here I am getting my picture taken with him.  What was his message? The Economy and his concerns of where our country was headed if not directed properly.  What did everyone want to talk about…the war!  What happened the last 4 years…the economy down fall! I have never been big into politics but, in 2008 I helped arranged a call center in our area during the Primary’s.  Of course when Mitt bowed out of the race in 2008 we were disappointed but, he is back better than ever!
Yesterday my husband, 2 oldest daughters and I had the privileged of meeting Ann Romney and listening to her speak here in Georgia.
Ann Romney 001Ann Romney 002Ann Romney 003
I didn’t get any great photo opportunities with her but, wow what a women she is.  Her message was compassionate about “Restoring America” and who better to get the job done then her husband who she has watched 1st hand turn around bad situations.  She was also funny!  She said she loves her Grandchildren so much and especially when they misbehave for their parents! LOL She has 5 boys and she said they are getting pay back! LOL  She also talked about her battle with MS and Breast Cancer…her husband was with her every step of the way. She says she hasn’t been home in her own bed since the Primary’s in New Hampshire and been traveling with 1 suit case!
After the last election she said never again did she want to do it again. Mitt reminded her that she said that each time she had a baby! LOL She said this time around it is different.  This is the most important election in our life time in order to change America’s future. She explained Mitt’s perseverance to get a job done and she knows he is the man to get it done so she was 100% on board when he decided to run again.  She is afraid for her Children and Grandchildren of what they and all of us will inherit if we don’t get our Government spending under control. I don’t know about you but, someone with his determination and success along with high morals is who I want to see as our next President!
Here are my 2 oldest daughters with Ann in the background being interviewed by the media. I realized that my oldest daughter will be old enough to vote in the 2016 election.  This was such a great experience to teach my girls that they too have a voice to stand up for what they believe and to make their vote count! I was also interviewed by a local news media as well!
Mitt and Ann have been married 42 years, have 5 Sons and 16 Grandchildren.  They are faithful members of their church and believe in high moral values.  I feel like out of all the candidates they relate to my family and truly care.  They will follow through and do exactly what they say “Restore America.”  I think Ann will make a wonderful 1st Lady of this great nation!  I’ve already voted early for the Primary’s in Georgia but, make sue you all get out and vote on your Primary election day!

Gulf Coast – San Destin

Day 3 of our trip to the Gulf Coast we decided to check out the bay side of the San Destin Resort.  We stayed on the beach side so we rented bikes again and headed out.
San Destin 001

There is a fun bay town village to walk around in with shops and restaurants along with some fun activities for the kids.  The kids decided they wanted to give a try on the ropes course.

San Destin 002
All but our youngest climbed to the very top and rang the bell.  They also had a large checker board that created a boys vs. girls game in which the girls rocked! We decided to take a walk out on the pier.
San Destin 003
My youngest son was taunting his oldest Sister and was almost thrown over into the water! I love her look of delight just thinking about it!  It was beautiful but cold in the wind so we headed back to go watch the Madre Gras Dog Parade!
San Destin 004
The line of Golf Carts that lined the parking area was a sight. We lined up and waited to see dogs dressed in costumes and decked out Golf carts stroll through the Bay Warf Village.  It was Madre Gras so candy and beads were thrown at as. We had quite the collection of beads just from that day and pockets full of candy.
San Destin 005
My youngest son had his own bike this time so we figured we would start to head back…he didn’t ride as fast as everyone else so the other kids ended up getting back 15 minutes before he did! Dad was a trooper and road both directions with the little guy while I tried to keep up with the others.  The kids immediately wanted to hit the beach…they just couldn’t get enough of it even though it was a little chilly.
San Destin 001San Destin 002
The next morning we headed to the beach early before having to make the 6 hour drive home.  We love the Gulf Coast and Destin area to vacation. Hopefully we will make it back again later this year.