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Kids Artwork Dinner Plates

My older children had made melamine plates with their art work 8 years ago before the younger ones were born.  We use them for dinner almost every night and every night I would hear from my younger ones “When do we get to make our own plates Mom?”  So I finally turned over the plate called the number and ordered the Make A Plate Kit.
They send you a kit with round papers and the kids use washable marker to color away.  Then you package up the drawings and send them back to the company in the envelope provided with your order and payment information.
Of course they each couldn’t just make 1 plate they wanted several and since this was long over due for them I let them.  My 2 older kids also made a plate or 2 so we have a service of at least 12 kids artwork plates for entertaining!  These plates have held up so well for 8 years and we’ve done everything they tell you not to do like NO Microwaving and they still are fine!
The kit itself isn’t expensive.  The plates range in price depending on how many plates you have made at one time.  The kids love them and it is still a big topic of conversation around the dinner table!  These would make great Holiday party activities or gifts for the Holidays. 
A few ideas…Birthday plate, Santa’s plate, Animals, Handprint and Holiday themed plates.
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